“Life begins at 40” is all I heard as I approached my 40th birthday. Well 40 came and went and no new life began for me. I just chalked it up to another marketing slogan to get us more “mature” women to go out and buy sexier and younger looking clothes in hopes of turning back the clock.

So, I spent the next six years living life as usual, carpooling, checking homework, and going to ballgames without a change in sight. Don’t get me wrong, I loved (and still do) doing these things with my kids but I couldn’t help but think, “maybe, just maybe I might find something that gives me butterflies again.”
Then I turned 46. For the first few months nothing happened. But then, wham! It hit me! I not only got a new life but I gained 30 years back! Imagine being 16 again with the knowledge you have now. Well, that’s what happened to me in this magical place called Apartment 10.
You see, I met a “boy.” Not just any “boy” but one that made my heart flutter and my stomach do flip flops, you remember it, the can’t eat, can’t sleep kind of thing. The one that makes you risk it all for the thrill of spending just one more moment with him.
We would meet at Apartment 10, tell each other our darkest secrets, drink wine and make out like sex-starved teenagers. I loved that adrenalin rush of being a sneaking, lying teenager again. Only this time I’m wasn’t hiding from my parents, but from my teenager! Does anyone see the irony in that? I jumped every time my cell phone rang- my teenager wanting to know how much longer I would be at the “mall.” (I have to admit I got more than a little satisfaction by turning the tables on my self-proclaimed “wild child.”)
The difference between now and 1978 is that Apartment 10 was not a borrowed place where parents might come home unexpectedly or an empty apartment we snuck into. It was and still is an empty unit in a building that we were legally entitled to be in. We were well over the age limit to drink the wine, and if we got caught who was going to punish us? Some things need to change.
I know what you are thinking, and no, he was not married, and neither was I, we just both had kids we weren’t ready to include in this affair until we’re sure it was more than just that, an affair.
So, if on your 40th birthday nothing exciting happens, just remember life doesn’t always begin at 40, sometimes it begins after 40, just be patient. I never thought in my wildest dreams that at 46 would my life would be that of an experienced, responsible, and law abiding 16-year-old, it’s the best of both worlds!